Zag Studios superhero phenomenon, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, is set in Paris & follows the adventures of Marinette, an everyday charismatic girl who magically transforms into a courageous & vivacious superhero & saves the day using her superhero powers, the mysterious lucky charm & her unique power of creation to restore happiness & peace for all.

Together with school friend Adrien they have been chosen to save Paris from evil. Their mission – to capture akumas, evil creatures responsible for turning normal people into super baddies.

When involved in such adventures Marinette magically transforms into Ladybug & Adrien into Cat Noir, although they do not know each other’s true identity.


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#1 Disney Channel show

Disney has also taken up series 2 & 3

Audience - girls 7-11 years

Anime inspired 3D CG animation

Key themes - girl empowerment, fashion, friendship, Paris ambience