Moon and Me

Moon and Me (50×22′) was created by Andrew Davenport, who has created, produced, written and composed music for some of the most successful, award-winning, global pre-school franchises.

Inspired by well-loved tales of toys that come to life when no-one is looking, Moon and Me is the comical story of a special friendship between two characters from completely different worlds. It breaks new ground in its technical, visual and conceptual ambition, and will create an exceptional new benchmark of quality and integrity for its young, global audience.

Moon and Me combines the latest production methods with traditional storytelling, comedy and music to create a beautifully-constructed picture book world that will delight young children around the world.

Every enchanting episode of Moon and Me begins with a child gently placing her beloved toys down to sleep in their Toy House which magically come to life, taking them on adventures where they become queens and kings, bakers, artists, musicians, explorers and anything else that makes for a charming story. Episodes end with the Toy House characters wishing each other a good night and falling asleep with happy dreams of their adventures and friendships.

Moon and Me makes it global television premiere on BBC’s CBeebies channel in the UK in 2019.

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