Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Founded in 1860, Battersea is on a mission to help every animal, with the ambition to care for 3 million pets. They accept any breed of animal even with serious medical or behavioral problems. They work hard to educate the public about responsibility and ownership, including talks, events, school visits and publications. Battersea have a combined social following of 1.2 million over all their social platforms and 3.8 million annual website visits.
The target market for Battersea licensed products is anyone who owns or would consider owning a pet. The type of person who supports or would consider supporting an animal charity and who would visit a rescue centre. 78% of the adult population is in the market, equating to 35.8 million people in the UK. There is a high awareness in the market of Battersea already as it is a nationwide recognised brand. It is also part of the award-winning primetime ITV show ‘Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs’ following Paul as he meets some of the dogs who need adopting.