Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is a role-playing game all about telling stories, becoming a character and having fun with your friends. It’s set in a fantasy world of sorcery and mayhem which allows you to conquer quests and be a hero. Everything is your decision from what you look like to how you act and even what happens next. The dice just helps you along. Most of all its about spending time with friends sharing dwarven ales and making memories.

The award-winning board game is now expanding into the video game market with two Dungeons & Dragons games set to launch this year. Hasbro are also accelerating the rate at which they publish new books and box sets which are filled with new adventures and characters. Since the pandemic hit, there are more D & D players than ever before as the game was forced off tables and on to the web.

With over 40 million players recorded in 2020, 40% of that figure are over 25 years old and 39% identify as female. This shows that the brand is loved by a huge segment of the market and predictably will grow further with the announcement of virtual gaming this year.


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